Hello and thank you for stopping by. My name is Phil Bernie. I can voice your project, large or small. Email me for availability and pricing.

Email: PhilBVO@gmail.com

Have a quick listen to my commercial demo to see some of the things I might be able to do for you and if I am a fit for a current or future project.




This is what I sound like completely dry - no mastering, EQ or background music.  I have a warm, slightly deep tone that I can bring down pretty low when needed, add some gravel and grit when called for, or bring it up higher and sound like a young adult.



Brookfield Zoo


I'm a kid at heart and have been doing impressions and noises of all sorts since as long as I can remember.  More than likely, I can come up with a character voice that will fit nicely with your project.

The Grumpy Baseball

Crusty Old Man

WesBanco Crazy Party Guy

My main voice over equipment that I use to voice most of my work.


  • I have a sound booth in my home studio.
  • Shure SM7B mic is my main VO microphone and I have a RODE NT1A as a backup.
  • Focusrite ISA ONE mic pre amplifier
  • Cloudlifter CL-1 inline mic pre amp
  • Yamaha USB digital interface



  • Took 4 years of acting and voice classes back in college in a very rigorous program, did some stage work and have a minor in performing arts.
  • Currently taking voice over classes with world renowned voice over coaches and working actors.
  • I spent my years fresh out of college as a top-producing salesman, selling financial instruments over the phone. There is a suprising correlation between selling over the phone and voiceover work. I was "refining" my craft before I even decided to go into voiceover on a full time basis by "acting" when I was a salesman. I know how to sell using my voice and that is important.

With regard to acting and VO classes, I firmly believe you are never too old to learn. Since this is not only a job but a labor of love, I thoroughly enjoy learning new techniques through class work. I think every VO artist should continue his or her education indefinately. It helps keep you sharp, focused and prepared.


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